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Homefibre – The Home Network

Connectivity is more than just bandwidth!

When we say “connectivity” we mean multiple criteria to be fulfilled by a home network . You need sufficient bandwidth, availability of connections, flexibility to choose between wired and wireless interfaces. As a user, I want to be able to use network solutions – which primarily means content – flexibly, reliably and securely. Bandwidth is required in order to transfer and receive high-quality content (such as 4K TV) effectively, or to exchange data fast at home and via the internet. In addition, we are convinced that the comprehensive availability of stable and secure network connections to be of equal relevance. Availability can be achieved via wireless connections (WiFi, PLC) or with multiple data outlets at home. The optimum networking encompasses WiFi for mobile devices and secure LAN connections for stationary devices.

What our customers want!

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  • clean, easy retrofitting of LAN & WLAN in existing buildings

  • More connectivity for less money!

  • LAN & WLAN optimally installed and used

  • easy and fast integration of wired and wireless devices

  • flexibility and freedom of choice of device location and network technology

  • personal choice between LAN and WLAN usage

  • efficient use of energy and frequencies through optimized data transmission

Install Boradband Ethernet in existing houses

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  • via electrical conduits

  • via telephone conduits

  • via coaxial cable conduits

  • under side boards

Broadband Installations


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  • for more flexibility

  • for more connectivity

  • for grounding critical applications

  • for optimized WLAN

Broadband availability New buildings

More network for less money?

This can be achieved if you combine the advantages offered by Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) with the electrical installation. With the minimum cost of a straightforward cable routing, a maximum of data outlets can be provided. Depending on the use and positioning of the devices, active Homefibre components are then installed.

New technologies require new solutions and systems

In our view, the network installations that are considered the norm today are insufficient for future-proof installation. Networked devices (such as television sets, audio systems, and workstations) change with time and new applications are set to be integrated in a single installation. Devices are mounted or placed in different locations, e.g. the flat Smart TV might be placed on a shelf or be mounted on the wall. In any case, the cost-effective pre-installation of the POF cable will provide ideal connectivity.

POF Home Network for fast data transmission

Access networks are becoming increasingly powerful, in private households as well as in businesses it is now common, to distribute large amounts of data such as videos, photos, music and more. Information is important for all. With the innovative Homefibre home network it is possible to install a fast and reliable LAN with low effort and available at every main power outlet .

Benefits of POF-networks:

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  • fast installation, retrofitted quickly and easily

  • self-installation possible

  • fast and reliable data transmission through optical fiber

  • low power consumption and high efficiency

  • high quality by international standards

  • With the Homefibre system you install the ideal continuation of the external broadband network in the home.

A high-quality fiber optic cable may soon take over the fast and reliable data transfer to all applications in your home or your business. The POF cable (Polymer Optical Fiber) transmitts data via visible light and is immune to electromagnetic fields. With this new home network you have a future-proof system. You can enjoy all new offers of IP networked services such as entertainment (videos, games, music, etc.), home automation and home security. Homefibre supplies your PC and your TV with high-speed LAN and your smartphone, tablet and laptop with optimized WiFi.

More network availability for All-IP

All applications that obtain IP data from outside or send information can be fed via the Homefibre network. Data are transferred via optical fibers which makes it very stable. Because the POF cable is electrically non-conductive, it also provides additional protection against overvoltage on network cables such as during thunderstorms. Together with our co-operation partners it is our goal to provide you with innovative system solutions and products for a future proof network in your home. We offer high-quality components and technical support for engineering and installation as well as eco-friendly, easy to apply technology. POF is along term-tested technology that is now being used by Homefibre for new, attractive applications in the network technology. Take advantage of the latest technology for innovative infrastructure that meets all your requirements. We are here for you 24/7 online and are happy to give you further information.