New buildings

New buildings

The home network redefined

Many devices in the household now offer the possibility of networking…and counting. New Internet services (audio, video, games, assisted living etc ...) increase the quality requirements for a network. The requirement is very simple: more network connections, better network supply – in short – “More Connectivity".

More network means more than just more bandwidth! It is about a smart combination of bandwidth, availability and efficiency.

Many of today’s networking solutions use WLAN. This will automatically lead to technical issues as the demand rises yet only limited frequency resources are available.

In addition to the technical limits you also have to think about the electromagnetic influence on the human organism. This is the subject of many scientific studies and many people consider it a problem. The reason for too much WiFi: there is no network installed in apartments and houses.

In a new building, we therefore recommend installing a widely ramified, wired network that should be available everywhere. The installation should still be inexpensive though.

As a solution, we have developed the Homefibre system based on Polymer Optical Fibre (POF). The optical fibre is the only medium that can be easily installed together with the electrical installation.

The cable is galvanically isolated, immune to electromagnetic fields and provides a potential-free network.

Through the combined installation of the POF cable with the electrical installation, the installation cost of the pure wiring can be reduced by up to 80% compared to copper cable installations!

Innovative builders therefore rely on the Homefibre system. With minimal effort an extensive network infrastructure is installed.

The customer can flexibly adjust the network to his personal needs. The range of scenarios range from "no wireless" to "maximum WLAN supply anywhere via multiple WLAN clusters (but then with reduced ABSTRAHLLEISTUNG)".


The benefits of a Homefibre system can be seen very quickly even in a small apartment:

Installation examples:

POF cable and electrical installation

The POF cable is installed together with the electrical installation to all major power sockets. The active network outlets are installed where they are needed.

POF cable and coax cable

In this specific example, the POF cable is being installed together with the coax cable. This way you don’t need a separate conduit for the coax cable.

With the electrical installation additional data sockets can be prepared with the POF cable.