More secure network connections
more flexibility

The advantages of Homefibre installation

It is our aim to offer our customers a perfect, comprehensive and very cost efficient network infrastructure in their home or office. Therefore we combine the electrical installation with the advantages of Polymer Optical Fiber (POF). The installation of the POF cable in the same conduit together with the electrical installation reduces pure cabling cost by up to 80%! With a minimal investment an infrastructure is created that enables maximum power density and reliable data transmission. The POF cable ist everywhere available. Data sockets and WLAN access points are mounted where they are really needed by our customers! Our customers can choose between a fixed wired, non-radiative network or a freely selectable combination of wiring and maximum Wireless LAN use.

Our vision 2020:

In the modern electrical installation the POF cable is installed everywhere in the home. The cost per m2 amount for about EUR 1.50. All IP network components are connected via POF and Wireless via Wi-Fi Access Points through the POF network. We at Homefibre want to provide our customers with networking solutions that cost less but offer more. Install as much network cable for as little money as possible. For more flexibility, security and less electromagnetic pollution. With the ability to reduce the exposure to WiFi in apartments, we want to contribute to an environmentally friendly and energy-efficient network. The network is adjusted to the personal needs and requirements of our customers.
The operation of a network is very efficient. The data transmission via the POF optical fiber is not disturbed by electromagnetic fields.