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Offer your customers more. The Homefibre system is preferably used in combination with the electrical installation. The simple and connector-less connection technology saves time and reduces sources of errors. Through the data transmission with visible light (red 650nm) the connection can be checked quickly and easily. With the electrically non-conductive POF cable you set up a potential-free network connection. Hence, the POF cable also serves as a data-lightning protection cable.

The benefits of a Homefibre installation

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  • fast installation, retrofitted quickly and easily

  • self-installation possible

  • fast and reliable data transmission through optical fiber

  • low power consumption and high efficiency

  • high quality by international standards

  • With the Homefibre system you install the ideal continuation of the external broadband network in the home.

In a new building

Be far-seeing and install a future-proof network by installing the POF cable together with the electrical wires to all major power outlets. Your customers will thank you and you can take advantage of follow-up orders.

Even if no data connection is required today, the POF cable is still available and can be activated anytime with a Wireless Access Point or a Media Converter data socket.

In a distribution cabinet the slim POF cable needs little space, even if e.g. 20 cables are fed into the cabinet the cable can still be installed in a space-saving way.

In retrofitting

With the Homefibre system you can even install tricky network connections. If possible, the cable is routed to the electrical wiring, to the telephone line or coaxial cable. The small cable diameter (2.2 x 4.4mm, duplex cable) allows a variety of applications.

For the experienced electrician a reinstallation of an existing electrical installation laid in pipes is routine. One of our customers put it well: "If there is enough room for a draw-in spring the cable is as good as installed".

Installation examples:


Homefibre components are designed for a long lifetime. They are manufactured and certified according to international network- and product standards.

The slim POF cable is the perfect solution for retrofit and renovation projects. Due to the electrically non-conducting cable the POF Switch can be mounted in an electrical distribution cabinet.

Installation examples

The combination of electrical installation and POF home network provides a broadband infrastructure with sufficient future proofe network coverage in the home.