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Modern day living requires a stable and secure network with high transmission rates. Homefibre provides a system for easy, inexpensive installation, high stability and – if desired – without electromagnetic radiation. The networking of digital devices and services is growing rapidly and places high demands on a digital home network. Homefibre offers the solution that our customers appreciate and need.

New buildings

An apartment or a house is designed and built for decades of use. Hence it is important to think about the future when planning a new home. And sometimes less is more, namely when installing the Homefibre POF cable together with the electrical installation.


Whether TV, telephony or Internet - Homefibre connects all kinds of applications safely. All applications of home automation work reliably hand in hand which secures high availability and hence high security for your home and your family.

High Availability of Network Connections 

This means as many connectivity options for networked devices as possible. Data sockets are where they are really needed. The Polymer Optical Cable (POF) from Homefibre is being installed together with the electrical installation. It is available everywhere and can be used as demand arises. Active components are installed where they are needed.

High Flexibility: Some customers want no or as little wireless as possible, others want to have Wi-Fi everywhere. Homefibre provides active flush-mounting data sockets for wired networking as well as wireless flush data sockets. This way an ideal mix of wired and wireless networking can be installed as required.

Secure Transmission: The optical cable is bug-proof. The WiFi can be switched on and off as required.

Radiation Free: People who are sensitive to electromagnetic fields want to avoid their exposure to WiFi or at least reduce it to a minimum.
Both is possible with a Homefibre system. The optical cable does not generate electromagnetic fields. Where WiFi is used only briefly, the WLAN Access Points can be timed-controlled and adjusted to a low field strength.


The Homefibre System is the ideal solution for retrofit projects. The Homefibre POF cable can, for example, be installed in the already existing electrical installation or be laid behind baseboards, paneling or carpets. The thin yet robust cable offers you many possibilities of installation.


In new buildings the Homefibre cable is being installed together with the electrical installation. All major Schuko-sockets are equipped with the optical fibre. They are available immediately after moving in. Homefibre is the future-proof solution for your home.

Your Benefits:

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  • easy and flexible installation

  • insensitive to electromagnetic interference

  • potential-free connections

  • minimal mechanical dimensions

  • quick and easy installation and connection control

  • minimal after-sales services

  • A Homefibre network offers the flexible combination of LAN and WLAN.

  • With a Homefibre installation all new buildings are perfectly equipped with everything you need for broadband and IP-enabled applications.

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