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LESS IS MORE – new defined home network connectivity

As a builder, developer or investor you face the challenge to build as cost effective as possible and to provide a future proof quality standard. This also applies also to the electrical installation and the in-house broadband network. Since more and more digital services and devices are networked, a future proofed infrastructure, not only to the home but also in the home, becomes a fact of quality of a building. This might be a single family home or a multi dwelling unit.

Why does a home need a network?

The new digital technologies and services such as Internet, Ultra-HD TV, multi-room audio and Smart Home need fast and reliable network connections to the home, and above all, in the house. To solve all network requirements with wireless connectivity is an error. Wireless works fine for mobile devices, but practical experience shows, that frequences are limited resources and interferences difficult to be avoid. Homefibre has therefore developed a complete broadband in-home network, based on Polymer Optical Fiber (POF) in order to opimize the home network for both, wired and wireless applications.
The system includes the wiring with the POF cable, as well as various network components such as switches, network sockets, WLAN access points, etc ...).

How to save installation cost and get more network into the home?

The Polymer Optical Cable from Homefibre (POF) is being installed together with the electrical installation. Most of the power sockets are prewired with the Homefibre cable. The POF fibre optical cable is everywhere pre-wired. You offer your customers maximum network availability, flexibility and security. This kind of basic installation costs up to 80% less than a conventional network - wiring and offers many times more connectivity.

Homefibre redefines the network!

With or without WiFi, the result is always a home network installation that is future-proof. Active network components such as Wireless Access Points or switches are installed exactly where they are needed. During construction or alterations components can be easily replaced.

With the Homefibre system we offer a solution for the digital home network and digital services, for today and tomorrow!