Homefibre Digital Network GmbH Profile

The new digital technologies and services such as Internet, Ultra-HD TV and Smart Home need fast and reliable network connections, to the home and especially in the home. For this purpose, Homefibre has developed a complete broadband in-home network, based on Polymer Optical Fiber (POF). The system includes the wiring of the POF cable as well as various network components (switches, sockets, WLAN access points etc ...). Compared to commonly used technologies such as copper cable, WiFi or Powerline, the benefits of this system are higher transmission reliability, higher bandwidth (as WiFi or PLC), better availability, easy installation and potential free data transmission (no intereferences) and better energy efficiency.

The system is easy to install and use. The optical fiber is electrically non-conductive and immune to electromagnetic interferences. It is the only medium that can be integrated in the same conduit with any existing or new electrical installation. Thus it is ideal for installing a modern Gigabit IP network in already existing buildings.

The installation of the optical fiber into an existing electrical installation using the electric conduits is simple and inexpensive. An unsightly surface mounted cabling is avoided. Drilling and caulking are not required, which also means less dirt when retrofitting.

In new buildings, the combination of electric wiring and plymer optical fiber offers a multiple number of network oulets compared to today's systems (for example, per room 1 data socket). Network connections are really there where they are needed. This allows you a flexible, secure and easy integration of devices into the network. The investment costs for the optical wiring is low. The POF cable is installed together with the electrical system (about EUR 0.10/m2) and is available at every major power outlet in the home.

This creates added value for builders, real estate developers, service providers, and in particular user. By using the active Homefibre components reliable LAN cabling and WiFi clusters are combined in the best way possible to serve the user.

The Homefibre optical broadband network has the potential to be an essential feature in every future-oriented standard electrical installation. With this system, IP networked devices and services can be integrated and retrofitted easily and safely anywhere in the home.