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Gigabit Technology

Gigabit Technologie

With the transmission of Gigabit Ethernet over the Polymer Optical Fiber (POF), the installation of high-performance networks becomes even easier.

Homefibre provides Gigabit POF products with high technical performance. Thanks to the Gigabit technology of KD-POF Gigabit components and 100Mbps components can be combined in one system. The POF interfaces detect a 100Mbps link, the transmission rate is switched from 1 Gbps to 100Mbps.

The ideal and standardized transmission length for a 1 Gbps transmission is 50m with a plug-in device on the link.

For longer lengths up to 90 m, the data throughput is reduced. This is made possible by the adaptive bandwidth adjustment. We did a RFC2445 test with a 90m link in our Homefibre testbed and were able to measure a data throughput of 200Mbps still.

However, a prerequisite for this performance is the use of high quality POF cable complying with the requirements of standardization according to IEC 60793-2-40: Optical fibers -Part 2-40 - Class A4a2.

The transmission method for the POF Gigabit technology is currently in the process of being standardized in an IEEE 802.3bv workgroup.

Here at Homefibre technology, products and applications are thoroughly tested. The tests are based on international standards. Homefibre has, together with the partners of the DATALIGHT initiative, defined quality criteria for the measurement of a complete IP connection including all the active components.

In an IP network the actual data throughput is of interest as e.g. defined in RFC 2544. Homefibre DATALIGHT products are measured according to these criteria.